2 Amazing Ways to Use Organic Coconut Sugar

Organic coconut sugar is a sugar product made of coconut trees’ sap. Though it is called coconut sugar, you will not taste the meat of coconut from this product. Since coconut sugar is now considered as the best alternative for regular white sugar, many people start using this product today.

But you shouldn’t use this sugar before you know how to use it. Since coconut sugar has different taste and texture, you need to learn a new way to use coconut sugar. It is totally different from regular white sugar so you shouldn’t use the same method when using coconut sugar.

How to Use Organic Coconut Sugar

Many people know that coconut sugar will burn faster than regular white sugar. Those people know they shouldn’t cook brown sugar for too long. But many people don’t know some other tricks to cook with coconut sugar. Below are some methods you need to know before using coconut sugar.

1.    Grind organic coconut sugar before cooking

Compared to brown sugar and white sugar, coconut sugar has crystals that are coarser. If you are going to replace cane sugar with coconut sugar, you need to blitz the sugar in a blender. Grind the sugar for a few seconds and then the sugar will be ready to use. If you skip this step, your sugar will be grainy.

2.    Boost the flavor with natural flavors

Coconut sugar is going to give you a more complex and deeper flavor profile. If you don’t really like the characteristics of coconut sugar, add some other ingredients like vanilla and cinnamon. They will boost the flavor of your brown sugar. The sugar will absorb those flavors and create a better taste.

Using organic coconut sugar is nothing like using regular white sugar. You need to know how to use this sugar before adding this coconut sugar to your recipes. Some tips above will help you cook with coconut sugar successfully.

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