2 Reasons to Start Using Organic Coconut Sugar

Organic coconut sugar comes from coconut palm oil. It will be an ideal addition for many recipes. You can simply add a cup of coconut sugar to your coffee and tea. This healthier sugar is a much better option since it will sweeten your beverages and create a better texture at once.

If you are looking for versatile yet healthier sugar, coconut sugar will be the most amazing option since you can use it in any mixture. For example, you can add coconut sugar to a parfait. Coconut sugar is a great option since it has a high sugar level.

Why Organic Coconut Sugar Should Be in Your Pantry

You are also allowed to incorporate coconut sugar with food when making cookies and cakes. Coconut sugar is a beautiful ornament when you sprinkle it on top of your granola. Coconut sugar is also a beautiful ingredient for sauces. You can mix coconut sugar with soda and coconut butter as well.

Versatility isn’t the only superior of coconut sugar. Organic coconut sugar has many superiorities you need to know before replacing your regular sugar with this product. Here are some of them.

1.    Rich in flavor

You cannot swap your regular sugar with coconut sugar directly since coconut sugar is very rich in flavor. First of all, you need to know the formula of using coconut sugar to get the right taste. Coconut sugar is ¾ of the regular sugar’s sweetness. Use ½ cup of coconut sugar for ¾ cup of white sugar.

2.    Have different taste

Many people love coconut sugar since it has a special taste. Unlike the white one, when you caramelize coconut sugar, you will get something that tastes like honey. If you want something that is more special for your caramel dessert, coconut sugar is the best alternative to get a unique taste.

Now you need to get quality organic coconut sugar from the right place. Explore Gulapa.co and get the best coconut sugar for your kitchen.

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