2 Ways of Choosing Organic Coconut Sugar Bulk

A lot of people are into organic coconut sugar bulk nowadays. It has been a substitute of white sugar since they realize that the organic one is way healthier. Hence, choosing the bulk one may be a challenge for some people since there are a lot of product at the market itself.

The best one isn’t only sweet. You have to consider some things besides the brand and the sweet level itself. Here is a mini guide to choose the best organic coconut sugar you can enjoy your tasty dish or beverage later.

Choosing Organic Coconut Sugar Bulk

1.       The color

At the market, you’ll see a lot of brands and they sell different colors of coconut sugar. When you go for the organic one, you have to choose the sugar with brown to red color. It does mean that it wasn’t through the refining process which usually makes the nutrients in it lost.

Besides the brownish red, you have to choose the sugar without an uneven color in it. Uneven color is a sign that it’s mixed with other materials and it can be the sugar with the refining process. Avoid the sugar which has dark or bright spots as well to get the best quality one.

2.       Texture

Texture is legit consideration before you buy organic coconut sugar bulk. You might have to check it by pressing the sugar. The best quality one usually has no cracks when you press it. Otherwise, the bad quality one will crack and you’ll sense watery in your hand.

Texture will affect the taste and the health benefits in it. If the texture isn’t solid and watery, it means the process has ruined the quality. Or else the sugar has been stored badly. Avoid the sugar which is sticky to the wrapping.

Checking the color and texture before buying organic coconut sugar bulk is a must. Getting the best quality one will satisfy the taste of your dishes and the health benefits stay there longer.

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