2 Ways to Make Organic Coconut Sugar Body Scrub

People today are used to adding organic coconut sugar to their foods. Many recipes taste better with coconut sugar. But actually, you can use coconut sugar in so many ways, not only to make healthy and tasty foods. What can you do with this special sugar?

Coconut sugar has been used in the cosmetic industry as well. Some medical industries also use coconut sugar as a part of various holistic treatment plans that will balance the doshas. You can also use this amazing ingredient in so many aspects of your life.

Using Organic Coconut Sugar at Home

Though you want to make your own cosmetics or medication by using coconut sugar, you can use this healthy sugar to make body scrub and use it to treat your skin from the outside. Here is how you can use it to make a homemade body scrub.

1.    Things to prepare

First of all, you need to prepare a cup of organic coconut sugar, two cups of coconut oil and five to twelve drops of your favorite essential oil. You are free to replace the coconut oil with any other oil like olive oil or almond oil or the other oil you love.

2.    Making the body scrub

In order to make a homemade body scrub from coconut sugar, you need to take a small mixing bowl and a glass jar that is completed with a lid. Use the bowl to mix well the entire ingredients you have prepared. And then transfer your body scrub into the glass jar. Now you can use your unique scrub.

Organic coconut sugar is not only a healthy sugar to consume. It is also a nice ingredient to make your own body scrub at home. All you need are some easy ingredients. Follow the easiest instructions above and you will get a healthier and prettier skin, thanks to your homemade body scrub.

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