2 Ways to Restore Organic Coconut Sugar’s Quality

As an alternative for brown sugar and white sugar, organic coconut sugar is getting much more popular today. Many people start filling their kitchen with this sugar. If you are ready to get coconut sugar, you need to understand the right way to store it in the kitchen.

The texture of coconut sugar is nothing like brown sugar and white sugar. The cooking method of this special sugar is also different. You need to learn everything about coconut sugar before purchasing one and using it in the kitchen.

Storing Organic Coconut Sugar Properly

You want to store this special sugar properly in order to maintain the sugar’s quality. The best way to store this amazing sugar is inside an airtight container that is sored inside a dark and cool place, like your pantry. This way, your sugar will be free from moisture and the bugs.

What if the coconut sugar forms hard clumps? This isn’t the end of the world. Here are some things you need to try:

1.    Break up the sugar

First of all, place your organic coconut sugar inside a sealed bag and then break up the sugar by using your rolling pin. Another method you can do is running your sugar through a food processor or coffee grinder in order to break up your sugar’s clumps further.

2.    Soften your coconut sugar

You can soften your coconut sugar by putting it inside your microwave and sprinkle some water on top of the sugar. Wait for five minutes. Once the sugar is softened, use your fork to break up your coconut sugar.

If you store your organic coconut sugar properly, hard clumps won’t be shaped. You don’t have to work hard to soften your coconut sugar. Get the best sealed container in order to keep your coconut sugar away from moisture that may cause hard clumps.

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