Betterbody Foods Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

betterbody foods organic coconut palm sugar

Organic palm sugar is a sweetener made out of coconut tree sap. The sap is taken by cutting a small incision on the flower of the coconut palm. The sap is then collected over time using a container. After the container is fully filled, the sap is then dehydrated until it is completely dried. The […]

A Comparison : Sweeteners Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

wholesome sweeteners organic coconut palm sugar

Coconut palm sugar has recently gained popularity as an alternative sweetener to sugar. This happens due to several facts, one of them said that coconut palm sugar is healthier than white sugar. Moreover, while different in terms of its physical form, several things differentiate white sugar from this wholesome sweeteners organic coconut palm sugar. See […]

Top 5 Benefits of Organic Coconut Palm Sugar for Your Health

organic coconut palm sugar

Do you know the many benefits of consuming organic coconut palm sugar?  Coconut palm sugar or coconut sugar is a type of sugar that comes from the sap of coconut palm trees. You will be able to find this type of natural sugar in many areas of the world. One of the most incredible things […]

A Guide to Palm Sugar for Diabetics

palm sugar for diabetics

Organic palm sugar is often used as a healthier alternative sweetener for some reasons. This kind of sugar is made of natural sources, lower in calories, and high in nutrients. But is this sugar a better option for people with diabetes? Keep reading to learn more about this palm sugar and how it might be […]

Bob’s RedMill Coconut Sugar Review

bobs red mill coconut sugar

A Healthy Alternative Sweetener for Your Diet Bob’s RedMill Coconut Sugar is the perfect sweetener alternative you might need in your life. Made from the nectar of coconut palm tree blossoms, this coconut sugar can be a delicious substitute for both white or brown sugar. Here is more you need to know about this healthy […]

Is Coconut Sugar Better for You?

coconut sugar better for you

Is coconut sugar better for you and your health? Have you ever asked that question in your life? Or are you trying to consider finding better sources of sugar to implement in your diet? Coconut sugar has become a popular sugar choice for a lot of people out there. People with debilitating diseases such as […]