3 Important Sugar Types in Organic Coconut Sugar Bulk

A lot of people find out that organic coconut sugar bulk can be a good alternative to avoid white sugar. The contents in it are far better even though the usage is still the same. They have a sweet taste, but the sugar types are different from the total amount in it.

The differences of sugar type contents come from the process where the sugar is made. Organic coconut sugar isn’t going through the refining process, so there’s no additional material in it. Here are the sugar types in organic coconut sugar which makes it healthier to consume.

3 Sugar Types in Organic Coconut Sugar Bulk

1.       Sucrose

The most important sugar type in palm sugar is sucrose. Most food has this sugar type and palm sugar isn’t an exception. Total amount of sucrose in organic coconut sugar is only about 70%. This percentage is lower than any other food like fruit.

There’s no refining process to create organic coconut sugar bulk, but there’s a heating process. This process has broken down the sucrose into other sugar types.

2.       Fructose

Fructose is found in fruit and so is the coconut. This sugar type will be in organic sugar made from coconut. This type of sugar type sometimes is considered as another carb because there’s carbohydrates in it. However, the taste of fructose in organic coconut sugar is less than the fruit.

Because it doesn’t have high fructose, organic coconut sugar is safe to eat for those who have diabetes and heart disease. Also for the people who are on a keto diet.

3.       Glucose

There’s a small amount of glucose in coconut. It’s absorbed quickly in the body but it helps the metabolism process. Since the amount of it is small, you don’t have to worry about using it in large amounts because it won’t increase blood sugar suddenly.

The content of sugar in organic coconut sugar bulk is the same as white sugar. However, the amount of them is less. This is why this sugar is getting popular for those who are in sugar diet.

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