The Process of Turning Sugar in Coconut into Coconut Palm Sugar

Some people are only aware that coconut is a good source of electrolytes and plant-based fat. However, coconut, especially its nectar or sap, is actually an excellent source of sugar. In Asia, there is an industry that turns sugar in coconut into coconut palm sugar. This particular sugar looks almost similar to brown sugar. Both […]

The amount of Sugar in Coconut Sap, the Raw Material of Natural Coconut Sugar

Coconut trees not only produce coconut milk and coconut water, but it also produces coconut sap from the flower bud stem. The amount of sugar in coconut sap is quite high. Consequently, it makes a good source of sugar. In Asia, the sap is processed into coconut sugar. Some experts believe that coconut sugar is […]

4 Roles of Organic Coconut Sugar Bulk or Mental Health

The role of sugar is required so we can do many activities throughout the day. Nowadays, people choose organic coconut sugar bulk to buy rather than white sugar. It’s proven that coconut sugar will increase the amount of mental health quality. Organic coconut sugar is made from raw and fresh coconut. Without a refining process […]

4 Main Benefits of Organic Coconut Sugar Bulk

Coconut sugar is healthy but the organic one is far better. Organic coconut sugar bulk is easy to find at the market nowadays. Some people choose this product because they know the contents in it are healthier than what they find in white sugar. There are several reasons which make them convinced that this type […]

3 Important Sugar Types in Organic Coconut Sugar Bulk

A lot of people find out that organic coconut sugar bulk can be a good alternative to avoid white sugar. The contents in it are far better even though the usage is still the same. They have a sweet taste, but the sugar types are different from the total amount in it. The differences of sugar […]

2 Things to Avoid Before Buying Organic Coconut Sugar Bulk

There are some things to avoid when you are buying organic coconut sugar bulk. It may be a challenge when you are at the market to find the best one. This product has to be picked carefully so you only get the raw one since it serves the most delicious taste for the dishes. At […]