How to Choose Bulk Coconut Sugar Supplier

bulk coconut sugar

Many supermarkets start selling bulk coconut sugar for retail customers because the demand is increasing. Buying in bulk is actually a better option because it is cheaper and also more environmentally friendly. However, some people, especially those who use coconut sugar for personal consumption, still hesitate to purchase this product in such a huge amount.

Purchasing bulk coconut sugar has many benefits, as long as you can choose a good brand and supplier. Pay attention to the following things to make sure you only purchase quality coconut sugar.

Check the Certification

First of all, you want to check the certification of the sugar. If you purchase organic coconut sugar, then it must be certified by USDA Organic, Organic EU, or similar bodies in your country. It also must have HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification to make sure that the coconut sugar doesn’t contain dangerous chemicals.

Farmed by Local Farmers

Organic coconut sugar is farmed by local farmers that use the organic farming method to ensure a high-quality product. Check where the coconut sugar is produced and whether the supplier works with local farmers.

The best coconut palm sugar usually comes from farms in South East Asia, such as Indonesia. There are many regions in this country that are specially dedicated to coconut palm farming and the farmers have deep knowledge about organic farming and organic coconut sugar manufacturing. If you buy bulk coconut sugar from these suppliers, you don’t have to worry about its quality.

Supports Fair Trade

This point has nothing to do with the taste of your coconut palm sugar. But it is important to research the company and ensure that it supports fair trade.

Fairtrade in the coconut sugar industry means paying the local farmers enough wages and improving their quality of life. The company is not only looking for profit but also paying attention to the life of the farmers, the backbone of this industry.

A company that supports fair trade will have a good relationship with the local farmers. It enables the company to control the supply chain from the lowest level. When a company has good control of the supply chain, it will be able to provide coconut sugar with high-quality standards.

Competitive Price

Last but not least, you want to make sure that it has a competitive price. Bulk coconut sugar definitely will be cheaper and this is the advantage you get when you buy in bulk.

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