Coconut Sugar: What is it and How to Use it

Coconut sugar for baking

Coconut sugar is one of the best white sugar alternatives. Other than having a different taste, coconut sugar is also proven to give several health benefits. Despite that, it seems that not many people know how to use coconut sugar or even know what kind of sugar it is. So, this article covers several uses of coconuts sugars, including coconut sugar for baking, and cooking.

Introduction on coconut sugar

So, what is coconut sugar? As the name suggests, coconut sugar is a type of sugar made from harvested coconut flower sap. Hard to imagine? Well, to make it simple, imagine the process of tapping maple syrup. But, instead of doing it on a maple tree, you’re essentially doing it on the flower of a coconut tree. Once harvested, the sap is heated until it forms a granulated sweet substance known as organic coconut sugar.

In terms of taste, coconut sugar is almost similar to brown sugar. Both types of sugars have a sweet and caramel-like taste. Both of them are also brown. However, brown sugar is made from refined sugar with the addition of molasses. On the other hand, coconut sugar is not added to any addictive substance. Due to its similarity in terms of taste, you can easily substitute brown sugar with coconut sugar.

The use of coconut sugar

So, how can I use coconut sugar? Despite the difference in terms of origin and raw material, coconut sugar is still sugar. So, you can use it on pretty much any recipe that requires brown sugar or refined sugar. This means that you can use refined coconut sugar for baking, cooking, and crafting beverages. The general instruction is to use a one-to-one ratio each time brown or refined sugar is used.

For baking, coconut sugar is good for sprinkling on cookies, cakes, or parfaits. Other than that, coconut sugar is also excellent for any cooking recipe that requires slow cooking temperatures. However, despite being made out of coconut sap, coconut sugar won’t give any coconut taste to your food. It’s also worth noting that coconut sugar will make your baked goods brown in color. So, don’t use coconut sugar if you want to maintain the color of your food

So, those are a brief introduction to coconut sugar. To sum up, coconut sugar is an excellent substitute for refined sugar or brown sugar. So, you can use granulated coconut sugar for baking or any cooking recipe. As a substitute, measure brown sugar in the same quantity of brown or white sugar recipe.

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