How to Make Caramel with Coconut Sugar for Vegan

how to make caramel with coconut sugar

How to make caramel with coconut sugar in simple instructions? Coconut sugar is popular now because so many people do diet programs. They want to lose weight healthily and they must use alternative sweeteners for their foods and drinks. For all of you who want to get health benefits or do a diet program, using coconut sugar will be good. There are some ways to use coconut sugar, and one of the best ways to consume coconut sugar is making coconut sugar caramel. Making coconut sugar caramel is easy to do. The most important thing is choosing high-quality coconut sugar to get the best quality of caramel too. Here is simple caramel with coconut sugar recipes that you can try at your home.

Vegan Caramel with Coconut Sugar

How to make caramel with coconut sugar for Vegan? For all of you who are vegan, you can make vegan caramel by using coconut sugar. You need to prepare only three ingredients such as:

  1. Coconut cream
  2. Coconut Sugar
  3. Vanilla extract

For all of you who want to get the savory flavor on your caramel, you can add a little salt. You better add a little salt to give a balance of the sweetness of all sugars. How to make it? You only need to add coconut sugar and coconut cream to the saucepan. You can wait until all melting comes to a boil. It takes 5 up to 8 minutes. You can choose the texture of caramel coconut sugar that you want. For you who like runny caramel, you only need 5 minutes to cook organic coconut sugar on the saucepan. If you like thicker caramel then you need to wait 8 minutes.

Salted Caramel with Coconut Sugar

You can make salted caramel from coconut sugar too. The way to make it is similar. You just need to add sugar and also coconut cream. You need to cook and boil it with water too. You need a sea salt and also pure vanilla extract if you want to get vanilla flavor too to your caramel. Coconut sugar caramel can be used for some foods and drinks. You can use it for fruits too. It is good to eat fresh fruit and then add coconut sugar caramel on top of your fruit before you consume it. There are some other recipes of caramel that you can try at your home. You can see videos of how to make caramel with coconut sugar at your home with simple ingredients.

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