Is Wholesome Coconut Sugar Healthier?

wholesome coconut sugar gulapa

Wholesome coconut sugar is regarded to be healthier because it has a low glycemic index. It doesn’t contain fructose, a compound causing some negative effects on your health. However, you must remember that 80 per cent of coconut sugar is sucrose. You can compare the content of white sugar and coconut sugar before you answer the question about coconut sugar is healthier than white sugar. 

The Content of Wholesome Coconut Sugar

Talking about wholesome coconut sugar is much attractive. You can compare the content of coconut sugar and white sugar. If the coconut sugar contains 80% of sucrose, the white sugar has a proportional content. It has 50% of sucrose and 50% of fructose. It means that the content is balance. Corn sugar contains 55% of fructose and 45% of glucose. Half of the content is sucrose being fructose content. It means that it has still health risks if you consume coconut sugar excessively. You can get impacts of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart attack, and obesity. 

Low Glycemic Index

Another side discusses that coconut sugar is famous for its lower glycemic index than general sugar. Glycemic index is the size of the speed for foods increasing one’s blood sugar level after consumption Glucose contains a 100 glycemic index. Meanwhile, white sugar contains a 60 glycemic index. What about healthy organic coconut sugar? It contains a 54 glycemic index. The making process, brand, and portion of coconut sugar influence the body response to the sugar with a particular glycemic index. 

Coconut sugar is made of liquid from coconut trees. It is different from palm sugar. The making process of coconut sugar crosses two stages. Firstly, the flowers from trees are cut to produce liquid. Then, the liquid is heated until the liquid is steaming. The final result is about brown liquid with crystal texture. The colour is similar to a common sugar but it has smaller particles. 

Regarding the natural process, coconut sugar is still containing nutrition. Those nutritions are minerals, iron, calcium, potassium, and zinc. You can also find fatty acids and antioxidants inside coconut sugar. It has a fibre substation called insulin. The fibres can slow the absorption of glucose and answer why the glycemic index of coconut sugar is lower than common sugar. 

Though wholesome coconut sugar still contains some nutritions, the content of sugar is higher than the benefits for the health. Even to get more minerals and antioxidants from coconut sugar, you need to consume it a lot. Of course, it is harmful to your body. You should consume it wisely. 

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