Natural Coconut Sugar, a Healthier Sugar Alternative

natural coconut sugar gulapa

Natural coconut sugar is considered a healthier alternative to white refined sugar. Everybody loves sweets, but people nowadays are getting more aware of their own health and fitness. As a result, many people are looking for substitutes for refined sugar. Organic coconut sugar is chosen as the best alternative. Here are some reasons why you should start consuming coconut sugar if you want to live a healthier sweet life. 

Lower Glycemic Index

Coconut sugar is healthier because it has a lower Glycemic Index than white sugar. Glycemic Index is used to measure how the food that we consume influence our blood sugar level. Foods that have high GI can dramatically increase a person’s blood sugar level. Refined white sugar has a Glycemic Index of 60, which is twice of organic coconut sugar glycemic index. Diabetic people should not consume food with a high GI, which means coconut sugar is a better option for them.

Natural Coconut Sugar Contains Less Fructose

When you are trying to lose weight, you should reduce your sugar intake. This is because refined sugar contains fructose. Fructose is a type of sugar that will be converted into fats in our body. It is also very difficult to digest and break down. As a result, when you consume too much sugar, it will be easier to gain weight. 

Coconut sugar only contains 25 percent of fructose. The rest of it is sucrose, a type of sugar that is easier to digest. As a result, it is better to consume coconut sugar if you want to go on a diet but still want to enjoy sweet food.

Good for Digestive System

A good digestive system is key to a healthy and fit body. If you want a better digestive system, coconut sugar is a great food to eat because it comes with natural prebiotics. Coconut sugar contains a fiber called inulin, which acts as a prebiotic in our digestive system. Inulin also will promote the growth of bifidobacterial. It is a good bacterium that is responsible in improving the function of the digestive organs in our body. 

Coconut sugar is a healthier option for sweeteners. But it is important to remember that coconut sugar is still sugar. You need to watch your sugar intake if you want to be healthy. You will not get magically healthier just because you consume this sugar. Maintaining a healthier lifestyle is also important. But of course, you can achieve your fitness goal more easily with natural coconut sugar.

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