Organic Coconut Palm Sugar VS White Sugar, Which Is Better?

Sugar needs must be fulfilled to maintain our health. Though white sugar is widely used by a lot of people, there’s another option and it’s organic coconut palm sugar. This is pure and organic because there’s no refining process to keep the vitamins and minerals as the main nutrients.

Some people still have no idea why the palm sugar from coconut is known better. Those who have changed their white sugar think that the organic one will keep them healthy. Here are the differences that you need to know about both types of sugar.

Differences of Organic Coconut Palm Sugar VS White Sugar

1.       How you get it

White sugar is easier to get because it’s sold widely in every country and place. Unlike the palm sugar one where it’s not gotten in certain places since the plant itself grows in tropical countries. That’s why the palm sugar which is made as organic is used as a substitute more.

2.       Glycemic index

This index will allow you to get better health. If it’s too high, your health is at the edge of the cliff. High sugar content in your blood becomes the door of some illnesses. Fortunately, the glycemic index in organic coconut palm sugar is low. The index is only 35.

It is different with white sugar where the number is about 65 or twice of palm sugar which is made as organic. The higher number of glycemic index in white sugar becomes the reason why people more to palm sugar as their sweetener.

3.       Taste

Without the refining process, the coconut taste isn’t there anymore when it has changed into palm sugar. While the white sugat must have been through the refining process to lose the taste and odor from sugarcane.

For health reasons, a lot of people move their choice into organic coconut palm sugar. This sweetener is made from coconut but the taste of coconut isn’t there anymore. It’s sweet and healthier compared to white sugar.


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