Organic Coconut Sugar: 6 Surprising Health Benefits to Know

organic coconut sugar

Organic coconut sugar is considered an alternative for other types of sweeteners particularly refined or block sugar. It is even said to be better than sugar made from sugar cane as the nutrition contained is higher. That’s why, it is reasonable if, in the market, there is a high demand for organic coconut sugar bulk.

If coconut sugar is not really familiar to you, just like the name, it is a type of sugar made from coconut sap. The sap is taken out from coconut fruits and then they are hydrated and boiled. Let the coconut sugar liquid thicken after that and they turn into big blocks. Coconut sugar makers commonly cut or mold them into small pieces. The product is ready for sale.

Undeniably, coconut sugar is generally more expensive than other types of sugar. You can check the coconut sugar wholesale price to know more about it. There are some reasons why coconut sugar is quite pricey. First, its main ingredient, coconut, although it is quite easy to find around, you need to have high-quality ones. It is to produce coconut sugar with good quality also.

Second, the production process also takes time. Traditionally, it spends several days only producing sugar from coconut to ready-to-sell products. Third, while the products are limited, the demands are high. People’s realization of healthy living is getting higher recently. So, they choose coconut sugar for its high content of vitamins and minerals. Even the contents of fructose and glycemic are low also. To get products at a lower price, you may choose the coconut sugar bulk wholesale.

In detail, coconut sugar brings some more health benefits. It should be the main reason to choose it for your daily consumption. What are those health benefits?

Low Glycemic Index

Yes, as has been explained in the previous point, the glycemic index of coconut sugar is low. Glycemic index is a type of measurement to evaluate foods that contain carbohydrates as well as effects on our body’s sugar blood or glucose level. The higher the level of glycemic, it is getting worse to consume as it causes health problems starting from diabetes or obesity.

Meanwhile, if you choose organic coconut sugar wholesale, the glycemic index is relatively low. It only ranks at 35 on the index compared with other types of sugar. This is how coconut sugar can help you prevent diseases caused by glucose like diabetes. Besides, the fiber from the coconut is still kept well in the coconut sugar. The fiber contains insulin that brings a good effect, it is to slow down the absorption of glucose.

High Content of Nutrition

The next benefit is related to its nutrition content. It is included if you are interested in buying the coconut palm sugar bulk. In terms of calories, coconut sugar only contains around 16 calories and 4 grams of carbohydrate per teaspoon. It is much lower than other types of sugar, particularly those produced from sugar canes. That’s why consuming foods with organic coconut sugar is helpful a lot to reduce your calorie intake daily.

Not only the low calories, but coconut sugar is also rich in nutrients needed by your body. Only with a small amount of the type of sugar in your foods, there are high levels of antioxidants, iron, zinc, calcium, and potassium. So, is it okay to consume a lot of coconut sugar in a big amount? Although you may still need to consult the nutrition expert regarding this matter, generally, coconut sugar is safer to consume in a bigger amount compared with sugar-cane sugar.

Natural Process

From coconut fruits to coconut sugar, it doesn’t take too many steps. Yes, you may wait for a long time until it is done. But it is because the process conducted is natural. The natural process in the coconut palm sugar wholesale enables the final product to keep its original nutrition. There are also not so many additional substances. The taste, flavor, and color are kept that way.

Undeniably, most coconut sugar is produced using traditional machines and equipment. But even for the modern ones, the process is still made as natural as possible so that it doesn’t change the quality of the final product.

Low Fructose Level

If you buy coconut sugar in bulk, you will find that the product has a lower fructose level compared with other sugar types. Fructose itself is a sugar variant commonly contained in fruits and plants. It tends to be faster and easier to turn into fat by our body. Fructose is also unbreakable unless by the liver through a complex process. Well, the final result of the fructose break is triglycerides. 

So, when organic coconut palm sugar bulk contains less fructose, it is better. Generally, this type of sugar contains around 70-75% sucrose, as well as fructose, which is only 20-30%. Sucrose is more breakable so it is considered healthier for our body than white sugar that is high in fructose and glucose.

Better Electrolytes

With high levels of potassium, magnesium, and sodium, not only does coconut sugar benefits diabetes but is also very good to manage the water level of your body. This type of sugar has a content of potassium that is approximately 400 times more than white sugar whether granulated or block sugar. 

Potassium itself has so many good benefits for our bodies. It helps manage the blood pressure, keep the heart healthy, prevent problems in bones and teeth, and still many more.

High Level of Fiber

One of the health benefits of coconut sugar is its high level of fiber. Fiber is how your digestive system becomes healthier as it prevents problems such as constipation. Besides, the fiber also contains insulin to improve the multiplication of good bacteria namely bifidobacteria in the intestines.

Bifidobacteria also produces some types of vitamins and substances such as riboflavin, vitamin B6, and vitamin K. Of course, coconut sugar is more nutritious and less risky than other types of sugar. You must still be careful also. Consuming it in a large amount must be under the agreement of your doctor. So, are you interested in buying and consuming organic coconut sugar.

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