Organic Coconut Sugar Price Is Determined by How the Sugar Is Made

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If you want to know the average organic coconut sugar price, you can start by finding out how the sugar is made. There are a series of procedures that need to be done to transform coconut nectar into the perfect white sugar substitute. Understanding where the sugar comes from helps you calculate the cost needed to produce the sugar.

Coconut Tree Cultivation

Coconut trees grow everywhere and coconut sugar can be made from any coconut tree that already grows and matures. However, we are discussing an organic product, so the cultivation of the tree needed to produce the sugar should be monitored from the earliest stage of the cultivation process.

The cultivation of organic coconut necessitates the omission of any kinds of chemicals. Therefore, not all coconut trees can be used to produce sugar. Only a few trees that are carefully monitored and cared for can produce the necessary nectar to make organic coconut sugar.

The rareness of the organic trees ultimately affects the organic coconut sugar price. Generally, organic sugar is much costlier than both non-organic coconut sugar and refined white sugar.

Sap Collection

Coconut sap is collected using the traditional tapping process. The process takes some time using a plastic container to collect the sap. The concentration of sugar in coconut sap is about 12%, so a lot of sap needs to be collected first to allow the production of a sufficient amount of sugar.

Compared with cane sugar production, coconut sugar production is not very efficient. Farmers collect sugarcanes in bulk while coconut sugar farmers collect coconut sap in a relatively small amount. Although the harvest of sugarcanes occurs once every year whereas coconut sap is available virtually every day, the total amount of sugarcane harvest is still larger than that of coconut sap.

This harvesting procedure further affects the organic coconut sugar price. It also causes it to be more expensive than cane sugar.

Estimated Price

With all things considered, together with the growing trend of coconut sugar due to its nutritional benefits and low glycemic index, you can easily deduce that the organic coconut sugar price is significantly higher than that of cane sugar. How much does the sugar cost? Based on the observations of various coconut sugar markets around the world, the price of coconut sugar made from organic trees is about ten times more expensive than that of cane sugar. Different stores offer different prices, though, so you should check each store yourself to figure out the real number.

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