Reasons Behind the High Price of Coconut Sugar

Organic coconut sugar bulk

Coconut sugar is one of the most sought-after alternatives to white sugar. Other than having a lower Glycemic Index, coconut sugar is also better in terms of fructose and nutritious content. Despite those benefits, coconut sugar is highly valued on the market. On average, the price of coconut sugar is 10 times higher than white sugar. So, why is organic coconut sugar bulk so expensive?

Complex production process

One of the drawbacks of organic coconut sugar is the high price. Although the demand is high, there is still no successful method to produce coconut sugar in high quantities. This is due to the complex method a manufacturer must be carried out to produce a good quality coconut sugar. In the standard process, coconut sap must go through 7 steps until it becomes the sweet coconut sugar that we know and love.

These steps include tapping the sap, refining the coconut sap, reducing the foam, washing, dotting, stirring, and printing. In most traditional factories, all of those processes are done by hand. So, don’t be surprised to learn about the high price of organic coconut sugar bulk.

Organic value

The reason behind the high price of coconut sugar is the fact that it is organic. As you might know, organic products are grown under strict rules and standards. In general, organic products should be produced without using any toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. On top of that, organic products should be free of synthetic hormones as well as water or radiation contaminants.

The same rules apply to organic coconut plants. Organic coconut plants must be planted far away from contaminated areas. Other than that, it should also exclude the use of any chemical product to enhance its growth. Moreover, the produced coconut sugar should be tested to acquire organic certification. Of course, those processes require a lot of investments which resulted in the high price of organic coconut sugar bulk.

In conclusion

The complex process of coconut sugar production is not done in vain. As you might know, coconut sugar is highly nutritious compared to white sugar. Some of the essential nutrients in coconut sugar are potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and calcium. While white sugar has a glycemic index of 65, coconut sugar has only 35. This means that your blood sugar won’t increase rapidly if you consume coconut sugar in comparison to white sugar.

There are several alternatives to white sugar besides coconut sugar. Palmyra palm sugar is one of them. However, compared to coconut sugar, palm sugar is still less nutritious. So, until there’s a cheaper production method, let’s just accept the fact that organic coconut sugar bulk is expensive.

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