The amount of Sugar in Coconut Sap, the Raw Material of Natural Coconut Sugar

Coconut trees not only produce coconut milk and coconut water, but it also produces coconut sap from the flower bud stem. The amount of sugar in coconut sap is quite high. Consequently, it makes a good source of sugar. In Asia, the sap is processed into coconut sugar.

Some experts believe that coconut sugar is a better alternative to white sugar. It is said that coconut sugar has lower GI. This type of sugar also has a unique flavor. You can add it to various foods and beverages in order to make them more flavorful.


Nutrients and Sugar in Coconut Sap and Sugar

Coconut sap is actually the nectar of coconut flowers. Once it is harvested, fresh coconut sap is processed into coconut sugar.

1.      Nutrients and Sugar Content in Coconut Sap

Fresh coconut sap consists of 80% of water. Meanwhile, the amount of sugar in coconut sap is about 15%. The rest of the coconut nectar is minerals, such as iron, potassium, zinc, and calcium.

2.      Coconut Sugar Nutritional Facts

A teaspoon of a coconut sugar contains 5 gram carbohydrate, 5 gram sugar, and 18 calories. This particular sugar retains various minerals so that it is more nutritious than white sugar. Its glycemic index is 54. Coconut sugar also contains a certain amount of inulin.


Coconut Sugar’ Potential Health Benefits

Coconut sugar offers some potential health benefits if it is taken at moderate amounts.

  • Coconut sugar has lower GI than white sugar has so that it is a good substitute for white sugar.
  • Along with lower GI, inulin in coconut sugar prevents people with diabetes from suffering from blood sugar spikes.
  • In spite of its low GI, coconut sugar contains a considerable amount of sugar and carbohydrates. Therefore, it is more perfect for people with hypoglycemia.

The amount of sugar in coconut sap makes this nectar a great source of sugar. This type of sugar is slightly more nutritious than white sugar because it contains inulin and several minerals. Therefore, coconut sugar is a better choice compared to white sugar.

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