The Great Value Organic Coconut Sugar Gives to Its Consumers

great value organic coconut sugar gulapa

People are substituting cane sugar, be it brown or white, with coconut sugar due to the great value organic coconut sugar provides to them. But what is this great value? When does this value become truly valuable? And when does it not? Let’s explore the answers.

Cane Sugar versus Organic Coconut Sugar Nutritional Facts

People often value the nutritional facts of organic coconut sugar; however, although coconut sugar does have a richer amount of beneficial nutrients, the amount is not significant enough to offer health benefits. There are, however, two nutritional facts that make coconut sugar a more desirable option when health becomes a concern. Firstly, it has a lower risk of diabetes due to its lower glycemic index. Secondly, it has inulin which slows down its absorption in the bloodstream.

Nonetheless, if you consider nutritional facts to be a value, you should not emphasize them too much when comparing both sugars.

Cane Sugar versus Organic Coconut Sugar Taste

If we can simply disregard the nutritional facts of both sugar types, what about the taste and look? Can it be the great value organic coconut sugar gives to us?

In terms of taste, both sugar types are sweet, although coconut sugar’s sweetness is only about 75 percent that of cane sugar. Coconut sugar is not as sweet as cane sugar and you may need to use a slightly larger amount of coconut sugar compared with cane sugar to achieve the same level of sweetness. However, the difference is not that much and you can safely say that coconut sugar is a one-to-one substitute for cane sugar.

While cane sugar is simply sweet with no extra tastes, coconut sugar does carry extra toffee and caramel notes. In certain drinks and cakes, these notes can truly be a pleasant addition and can also give a real value; however, in some other drinks or meals, these notes are barely noticeable and can even be undesirable. You might want to experiment with different presentations to determine whether you can find a real benefit from these extra notes.

Cane Sugar versus Organic Coconut Sugar Appearance

In terms of look, unlike cane sugar—even the brown one—that doesn’t colorize the drink or mixture to which it is added, coconut sugar does add a brownish tint to it. Again, this additive color can be either desirable or undesirable depending on different scenarios. The tinting effect itself is completely harmless, but you can find it to be the great value organic coconut sugar provides to you if you know how to exploit it in the right drink or meal.

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