Three Reasons You Should Buy Organic Coconut Sugar

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Many people start to buy organic coconut sugar because it offers better health benefits compared to white refined sugar. Even though organic coconut sugar has pretty much the same calorie as refined sugar, the fact that it has a low glycemic index and contains more nutrition makes coconut sugar a better option for those who want to live a healthier lifestyle. If this sugar is still not present in your kitchen, here are some reasons why you should buy it now.

It Is A Good Replacement for Sugar

It is not a secret that consuming too much refined sugar harms our health. This is why people are starting to look for alternatives, something that tastes just as good, but with more health benefits. Coconut sugar is one of the best candidates for that. 

With a lower glycemic index, less fructose, as well as more vitamins and minerals, coconut sugar is clearly healthier than refined sugar. Most importantly, you don’t have to alter your recipes when you change from white sugar to coconut sugar. You can substitute the refined sugar with coconut sugar with a  1:1 ratio. This is enough reason to immediately buy organic coconut sugar.

Buy Organic Coconut Sugar It Is Great for Baking

If you love baking, you are going to love coconut sugar. Coconut sugar will make your dough softer and moist. It is perfect for cookies and cakes. But remember that coconut sugar will make the batter brown, just like its natural color. So, it might not be able to substitute all recipes that using white sugar.

Coconut sugar can be used to make apple pie, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal bars, and even birthday cake. Just like brown sugar, it can help with the texture, but the taste is just like white refined sugar. Besides baking, you also can use coconut sugar to cook a savory dish. Some people said that coconut sugar has a special taste that makes a dish taste better.

Buy Organic Coconut Sugar Supports Local Farmer

Purchasing coconut sugar means supporting the local farmers that plant the trees and manufacture the sugar. Coconut sugar is produced from coconut palm tree nectar. The sap is boiled into a sugary liquid, which is then crystallized into sugar granules. All the processes, from the planting of the trees into the manufacturing process of the sugar are done organically using environmentally friendly techniques by the local farmers. When you buy organic coconut sugar from your favorite store, you are supporting their livelihood as well as sustainable farming methods. 

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