Type of Sugar in Coconut Sugar and How it Affects Your Health

Coconut sugar is getting more popular these days. People use it more often in their foods and beverages because experts said that it is a better choice of sweetener compared to table sugar. Why is it a better choice of sweetener? What is the type of sugar in coconut sugar?

Those two questions are only a few questions that come up in the mind of those who have never used coconut sugar before. Well, keep reading to find those answers.


What Type of Sugar in Coconut Sugar?

It is widely known that sugars come under two categories, fructose and sucrose. Fructose is monosaccharide and low in GI. It comes from fruits and vegetables. Meanwhile, sucrose is disaccharide and contains 50% of glucose and 50% of fructose.

So, what kind of sugar is in coconut sugar? Coconut sugar contains sucrose. The sucrose content in this sugar is approximately 70% to 80%. It is lower than that in table sugar which is over 99%.

Half of the sucrose in coconut sugar is fructose. Therefore, this sweetener contains 35% to 40% of fructose.


More about Coconut Sugar Information

To answer other questions that you may have on coconut sugar, you can check these facts.

  • The amount of carbs in 100 grams coconut sugar is 100 grams. However, it is not empty carbs because the amount of sugar in coconut sugar is 75 grams/100 grams. The rest is inulin, potassium, sodium, iron, and other minerals.


  • The glycemic index of coconut sugar is around 50 to 54. It is lower compared to table sugar, which has a GI of 65.


  • Coconut sugar is made of coconut sap or nectar that is minimally processed. The nectar is boiled at low heat until it turns into crystals or thick paste. Therefore, it is suitable for vegetarians.


Coconut sugar is a good choice of sweetener because it is more than just a sugar. It contains antioxidants and minerals. Moreover, the sweetness of sugar in coconut sugar is in similar level with that of table sugar. Therefore, substituting to coconut sugar will not affect your food and drink.

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