Ultimate Guide to Understand Organic Coconut Sugar

Organic Coconut Sugar

Ultimate guide to understand Organic Coconut Sugar. Organic coconut sugar is said to be the healthiest sugar you can consume. Due to the high consumption of regular or white sugar, which causes many health problems, many experts believe that coconut sugar could solve that problem. The main goal of that suggestion is to reduce sugar consumption and improve society’s health level.

As we all know, consuming white sugar can cause various health problems. The easiest example is diabetes. White sugar has a high Glycemic Index (GI), which is bad for health. It also causes obesity. On the other hand, coconut sugar, especially the organic one, has a low GI. So, even if you have the condition, you can still consume it without any problem within the allowed amount.

Knowing how great value organic coconut sugar is, why do we consume white sugar? Why the trend or suggestion of using coconut sugar for cooking and other things didn’t appear in the past? There are many answers. Below, we are going to learn more about this part of coconut sugar that might be a good reference for you.

Localized Production

In the past, you won’t be able to find organic coconut sugar online easily. Mostly, it is because coconut sugar only is produced in the local scale area or traditionally manufactured. Asian countries, especially Southeast Asia, are the ones that produce and use this sugar in their recipes and meals.

Even though today many of the countries in that area use white sugar, way before sugarcane was introduced, the people that live there use coconut sugar as the main sweetener. Therefore, if you look at many traditional recipes from those countries, they always use coconut sugar. From these countries as well, people all around the world know how to prepare coconut sugar.

How the Coconut Sugar Spread around the World?

In many cases, the Western that comes for invading many countries in Asia and trade there is the one that brings coconut sugar to other parts of the world. They bought coconut palm sugar bulk and then resale it in other countries, which proved to be a good plan. Many people in other countries love this sugar because of its naturally sweet taste.

Interestingly, those Western countries that invade Asian countries are the ones that also bring in sugarcane. Sugarcane is easier to plant and harvest. The process also doesn’t request too much time and complicated steps to get the end product of sugar. Because of this property, many people in Southeast Asia start to use white sugar. They also sell it because it gives them more profit.

And, if you compare the growing speed of sugarcane and coconut/palm tree, you will know why organic coconut sugar price is much higher than regular sugar. The sugarcane only needs around 12 months to harvest and process into sugar.

On the other hand, palm or coconut trees need around 8-12 years to fully grow into a ready-to-harvest tree for making sugar. With that long planting period, it is not surprising if organic coconut sugar is expensive. It requires too many resources to process and harvest.

However, with the health awareness that keeps increasing today, the trend of using coconut sugar is also increasing significantly. People now are willing to pay more to get better health conditions because they know how important having a healthy body is. It is necessary during the pandemic situation, where any health problem could lead to a fatal condition.

So, are you ready to buy organic coconut sugar? If that is so, there are several things that you need to know first before you find and get this amazing sugar. First of all, you should know the correct coconut sugar you can buy and consume.

How to Choose the Correct Coconut Sugar

The best type you can choose is organic unrefined coconut sugar. Unfortunately, many people always choose the wrong one. They think that brown sugar is the coconut sugar that they need. That is where they choose the wrong coconut sugar.

What you need is pure coconut sugar. Many people choose coconut palm sugar. It has similar characteristics and color to organic coconut sugar. However, that type is made from different types of trees. Moreover, many of those types also are the combination between coconut sugar and white sugar. Therefore, those sugars are not healthy for you.

You can only choose and buy pure coconut sugar. If you buy organic coconut sugar bulk, you can find detailed information about the tree and its ingredients on the package. Choose one that says 100% pure coconut sugar and is made of ingredients free from other sugar and fillers.

Of course, you also need to buy them from a reliable and trusted store. Many online stores have coconut sugar as one of their products. Choose the store that specializes in coconut sugar for safety. However, if you have an online store that you can trust, you also can buy it from them. Who knows, maybe you can get even lower coconut sugar 1kg price from them?

How to Keep and Use Coconut Sugar 

The best way to keep coconut sugar is to put it in an airtight container. Place the container in a cool and dry place. The coconut sugar can last for 2 years. Make sure after you use it, you close the container correctly to avoid contamination.

How to use it? Like, how to make caramel with coconut sugar? It is similar to regular sugar. You can even use it to replace the white sugar or brown sugar in your recipe with a 1:1 ratio. It is easy to use and healthier. In short, it is the best sugar you can use now.


Coconut sugar has many usages and benefits. Therefore, we recommend you use this sugar right now. It might be a bit expensive. However, for your health, that price is nothing. You can consider it as an investment in your life. Now, are you ready to use and change into organic coconut sugar?

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