Whole Foods Coconut Sugar—Popularity Explained

whole foods coconut sugar

Whole Foods coconut sugar is one of the most popular products in the supermarket chain. It is taking the country by storm and everyone wants to have this coconut sugar bulk in their kitchen.

If you have never tasted coconut sugar in your life, you probably feel curious about the hype on this delicious sugar. Here are the reasons why everybody is buying Whole Foods coconut sugar and you should too.

Perfect for Baking and Cooking

Whether you want to bake sweet cookies or cook the most delicious savory dish, coconut sugar is your friend. The best thing about coconut sugar is it has an amazing caramel-like taste that goes well with both sweet and savory dishes. You can make a salad, chocolate chip cookies, glazed carrot, or even a simple caramelized popcorn.

Coconut sugar, just like brown sugar, can retain moisture well. As a result, it is a great and secret ingredient for moist and delicious cakes. It also creates a great color that is much better than ordinary white sugar.

Healthy and Sweet

We always learn that sweet and healthy are in a completely different direction. We can’t enjoy sweet food if we want to be healthy. But this is not the case with organic coconut sugar.

Coconut sugar is the one you should choose if you want to build a healthier lifestyle. Even though it is still sugar and must be consumed in moderate amounts, it contains less fructose compared to white refined sugar and brown sugar. Because it is organically farmed, it still retains all the good nutrients which make coconut sugar healthier than the other types of sweeteners.

A More Sustainable Alternative to Sweetener

The 21st century is all about a sustainable lifestyle. This is the era where we must pay more attention to the environment and start doing something to protect our world. Coconut sugar is the answer to that.

Food Agricultural Organization (FAO) recognizes organic coconut sugar as one of the most sustainable forms of sugar. It is planted and manufactured by the local farmers using environmentally-friendly farming methods.

The Coconut palm tree is recognized as a sustainable plant because it absorbs less water but produces more sugar compared to cane sugar, the main ingredient for white refined sugar. Furthermore, coconut sugar production also doesn’t use any additional chemicals to bleach and refine the sugar. As a result, the manufacturing process also doesn’t produce any harmful material for the environment. This is a good reason to put Whole Foods coconut sugar on your shopping list next month.

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