Why Should You Replace Your Regular Sugar with Organic Coconut Sugar?

Organic Coconut Sugar Gulapa

Many people cannot leave sugar from their diet because it brings sweetness to their life. It might be difficult to cut off your sugar intake but at least you can consider a healthier choice for your sweetener. Organic Coconut Sugar can be a great choice because of these reasons.

Low GI

The reason why people should cut off their regular sugar intake is that it comes with a high glycemic index (GI). It is great to replace it with organic coconut sugar because the GI is much lower. When the regular sugar has a GI of 65, coconut sugar only has 35. The GI is closer to the GI that can be found in natural fruits that is only about 25.


You might consider choosing unrefined coconut sugar because it has fewer chemicals involved in the production process. It must be a good choice for your health. Nevertheless, it is getting better because coconut sugar can also work as an electrolyte.

You can get sodium, magnesium, and potassium in coconut sugar. All of those minerals are useful to regulate the water content in your body. Of course, it is also essential to support muscle, nerve, and heart functions. You might be able to find a small amount of potassium in regular sugar while coconut sugar comes with 400 times more.

Organic Coconut Sugar Rich in Minerals Content

The wholesome coconut sugar also comes with various other minerals. Yes, coconut sugar is not only about sweetness. It can also help you improve your health with its mineral contents including calcium, zinc, and iron. Taking coconut sugar can give a contribution to your bone health.

As you can see, coconut sugar comes in a pretty dark brown color. You might consider the appearance of your food when replacing your regular sugar with coconut sugar. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry about it because you are also offered blonde coconut sugar that can avoid brownish food or drink.

organic coconut sugar gulapa

Nitrogen Content

Natural coconut sugar is pretty tempting for people who pay attention to their health because of its natural ingredients and processing. It will make sure that you will not get unnecessary chemicals by taking coconut sugar. 

Another great thing can be found in Organic Coconut Sugar. You will also find that this sweetener option is healthier because it comes with nitrogen content. Why do you need nitrogen? It will be a great support for your cardiovascular system. You can keep your heart healthy with the help of coconut sugar.

Vitamin C Within

Many people think that sugar is the source of various health problems especially when they consume too much sugar in their diet. Nevertheless, it depends on their sugar choice. If they choose organic coconut blossom sugar, their sweetener can also be good for their health.

Since coconut sugar comes with vitamin C, it means that their immune system can be supported with the consumption of coconut sugar. You can avoid various kinds of illness if your immune system can work well. At the same time, vitamin C is also great for your skin and joints health.

Organic Coconut Sugar Healthy Fatty Acids

Can you imagine that buy organic coconut sugar can bring a great change in your life? People use sugar with a simple purpose in their minds. They want to make their food and drink taste better. However, if you use coconut sugar, you can improve your health as well.

It is thanks to the healthy fatty acids that can be found in coconut sugar. The healthy fatty acids in coconut sugar come with a short-chain. This kind of fat is great to control bad cholesterol levels in your blood. It means that it can help you to prevent heart disease.

organic coconut sugar gulapa

Dietary Fiber

The regular sugar might just be absorbed in the body. It will be used as an energy source or stored. However, coconut sugar can do more than that since it also comes with inulin, a type of dietary fiber. You will not have any regret getting some products from the organic coconut sugar market because it will help you to have a healthier gut. It is also useful to prevent gut problems including colon cancer. Of course, dietary fiber will also be great to control your blood sugar.

Lower Sucrose

Sucrose is a normal thing that can be found in your sweetener. Of course, coconut sugar also comes with sucrose just like your regular sugar. However, you can expect lower sucrose content in coconut sugar. Yes, the regular sugar only has sucrose within. It means that it comes with 100% of sucrose. Nevertheless, there is only around 75% of sucrose in coconut sugar.

The remaining 25% of coconut sugar is composed of other good stuff including fiber and nutrients. You can imagine when you consume coconut sugar with the same amount of regular sugar. You can reduce consuming the bad stuff. At the same time, your nutrient intake will increase as well. It might be a good time to check the organic coconut sugar price to start your new life with a better sweetener.

Organic Coconut Sugar Animal Friendly

Choosing coconut sugar for your sweetener can also show your commitment to be animal-friendly. When you use regular sugar, animal bone char might be used in the production process of regular sugar. It is used for making the sugar whiter with finer consistency.

However, you can tell that the great value organic coconut sugar is that this product is unprocessed. The coconut sugar is made from the liquid sap from the coconut tree that is heated until most of the water is evaporated. No animal was harmed during the coconut sugar-making process.


Last but not least, the process of making coconut sugar only involves dehydrating the sap from the coconut tree. It thanks to this process, the antioxidants in coconut sugar can be retained. Consuming coconut sugar means that you get the raw antioxidants intake that has the same form as their original source. Choosing Organic Coconut Sugar as your sweetener will help you fight against the aging process.

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