Why Sugar in Coconut is a Good Substitute for Cane Sugar?

These days, there are more choices of natural sweetener available in the market. One of them is organic coconut sugar. It is made of sugar in coconut sap. Coconut sugar is actually not a new thing in Southeast Asia, but it entered the US market only recently.

Organic coconut sugar is light brown granules, which resemble brown sugar. Several sources claimed that organic coconut sugar is a good replacement for cane sugar or white sugar because it offers several things that cannot be found in cane sugar.

Why Sugar in Coconut is a Better Choice than Cane Sugar?

Cane sugar is often considered as empty calories because it is high in calories, but has no nutrients. If you want to substitute it with a better sweetener, you must choose organic coconut sugar. Many people have used this sweetener for these reasons.

1.      Perfect for Vegetarian

Organic coconut sugar is made of purely coconut sap that is crystalized through a simple process. Meanwhile, sugarcane requires various processes

One of them is that sugarcane must be processed with bone char in order to get the white refined look. Consequently, coconut sugar is more perfect for vegetarians.

2.      Not Merely Sugar or Calories

The sugar in coconut is not empty calories. It also consists of calcium, inulin, zinc, antioxidants, iron, and potassium.

3.      Low Glycemic Index

Does coconut sugar affect insulin? The chance of coconut sugar causing insulin level to spike is quite low because it has low glycemic index, i.e. 50 to 54.

4.      Non-GMO, No Pesticide

The coconut sap used in making organic coconut sugar is harvested from organic coconut trees. They are non-GMO trees. Moreover, the farmers do not use pesticides in caring for them.

5.      More Eco-Friendly

Coconut sugar is more eco-friendly because farmers do not need to cut down coconut trees to harvest coconut sap. When they harvest the sap, they climb the tree, cut the flower stem, and tap the sap.

Organic coconut sugar has almost similar flavor with the cane sugar so that it will not affect your foods and beverages. Moreover, sugar in coconut is as sweet as sugarcane. Therefore, when you substitute the cane sugar in your beverages or foods with coconut sugar, you must use the ratio of 1:1.

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