3 Recipe Ideas with Organic Coconut Sugar

Organic coconut sugar is an unrefined and natural sugar that has a lower glycemic index. That’s why coconut sugar is a much better replacement for regular sugar. But, how do you cook with coconut sugar? Actually, all recipes that require regular sugar allow you to replace it with coconut sugar. This healthier sugar has earthy […]

2 Ways to Make Organic Coconut Sugar Body Scrub

People today are used to adding organic coconut sugar to their foods. Many recipes taste better with coconut sugar. But actually, you can use coconut sugar in so many ways, not only to make healthy and tasty foods. What can you do with this special sugar? Coconut sugar has been used in the cosmetic industry […]

3 Things That Reduce Organic Coconut Sugar’s Quality

Many people believe that organic coconut sugar is a super product. It is true that coconut sugar is healthier and tastes better than regular white and brown sugar. But the quality of coconut sugar will only be better than those regular sugars if you store this product properly. There are some factors that will reduce […]

2 Ways to Restore Organic Coconut Sugar’s Quality

As an alternative for brown sugar and white sugar, organic coconut sugar is getting much more popular today. Many people start filling their kitchen with this sugar. If you are ready to get coconut sugar, you need to understand the right way to store it in the kitchen. The texture of coconut sugar is nothing […]

3 Healthy Menu with Organic Coconut Sugar

There are so many recipes that involve sugar. Unfortunately, sugar isn’t healthy, especially if you use it too much. Fortunately, there is an alternative for regular white sugar. Organic coconut sugar is a wonderful alternative for regular white sugar. It has amazing benefits and is easy to use. But you won’t see the health benefits […]

2 Amazing Ways to Use Organic Coconut Sugar

Organic coconut sugar is a sugar product made of coconut trees’ sap. Though it is called coconut sugar, you will not taste the meat of coconut from this product. Since coconut sugar is now considered as the best alternative for regular white sugar, many people start using this product today. But you shouldn’t use this […]