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Organic coconut palm sugar bulk

Buying Organic Coconut Palm Sugar Bulk for Thriving Business

Buy Organic Coconut Palm Sugar Bulk Businesses of food and beverages will most likely need to purchase organic coconut palm sugar bulk. In the professional field of business, buying the so-called production materials in a high quantity is important. It saves the cost because buying them in numbers is cheaper than the opposite way. Therefore, it serves as a general strategy to reduce the production cost of the business. Just before making the purchase, it…

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Gula Kelapa Organik

4 Alasan Untuk Segera Membeli Organic Coconut Sugar Untuk Keluarga Anda

Gula adalah salah satu dari banyaknya bahan makanan yang digemari oleh masyarakat indonesia. Rasa manis yang diberikan oleh gula memang sudah menjadi cita rasa yang tidak bisa dipisahkan dari makanan dan minuman. Apakah anda tahu kalau sudah banyak alternatif dari gula? Salah satu contohnya adalah Organic Coconut Sugar atau yang biasa dikenal sebagai Gula Kelapa Organik. Gula kelapa organik kini sudah mulai dikenal banyak oleh masyarakat sebagai alternatif dari gula putih atau gula pasir. Mungkin…

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blonde coconut sugar gulapa

Blonde Coconut Sugar: What Makes It Blonde?

Have you ever heard of blonde coconut sugar? It is a variant of coconut sugar. If it usually has a brown colour, you can find a blonde colour for coconut sugar. Of course, some things are causing this colour. What makes it blonde? Let’s reveal it.  The Making Process of Blonde Coconut Sugar Some people may ask about the making process of this coconut sugar in which looks different from the common coconut sugar. It is…

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coconut sugar for sale

Choosing Coconut Sugar for Sale

While looking for healthier food options, you might have seen coconut sugar for sale. This sugar substitute has additional health benefits than ordinary table sugar. Here is how to choose the best option. What Is Organic Coconut Palm Sugar? Excess sugar consumption is the primary cause of many of today’s leading causes of death, including diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. People are beginning to seek out better food products as public awareness of health issues…

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Gulapa is located in Banyumas Regency which is known for producing the best quality

Gulapa Crystal Arenga Palm Sugar is a natural sugar made of
Arenga palm

Desiccated coconut (DC) is the result of hygienically dried and
grated coconut flesh on its own

Our ginger coconut sugar made with ginger mixed through
natural coconut