Blonde Coconut Sugar: What Makes It Blonde?

blonde coconut sugar gulapa

Have you ever heard of blonde coconut sugar? It is a variant of coconut sugar. If it usually has a brown colour, you can find a blonde colour for coconut sugar. Of course, some things are causing this colour. What makes it blonde? Let’s reveal it. 

The Making Process of Blonde Coconut Sugar

Some people may ask about the making process of this coconut sugar in which looks different from the common coconut sugar. It is often called golden organic coconut sugar. It is similar to its name in which it looks blonde and golden not brown anymore. When it is processed, it doesn’t require high heat so that it produces less caramelization. The high caramelization directs to the dark colour because it is stronger than traditional coconut sugar. Thus, it makes the colour of coconut sugar blonde. It is a substitute for white sugar with the perfect low glycemic index. 

The Differences of Blonde Coconut Sugar

Blonde coconut sugar is as healthy as coconut sugar. It has some differences making you interested in consuming it. Of course, the colour is the big difference in this sugar. It is a low glycemic sugar sweetener for foods and beverages. The dark coconut sugar usually has a strong caramel being a perfect substitute for maple syrup. Meanwhile, a blonde colour looks brighter in which it has a unique sweet taste. It is a perfect substitute for honey or agave. 

Low Glycemic Index

It is the same as the common coconut sugar in which this sugar also has a low glycemic index. It gives a level of blood sugar increase after you consume meals. The effects of the foods on blood sugar are different. The glycemic index estimates how much carbohydrate is available in the food. It can increase blood glucose levels after consuming foods to the pure glucose. Glucose has a 100 glycemic index. However, coconut sugar has a lower level of 50 glycemic indexes. It means that this sugar tends to be healthier. 

Blonde coconut sugar is better and healthier than white sugar. Though it is healthy, you must consider the consumption level. What makes it perfect to be a sweetener? It has more available nutritions and is not lost. Furthermore, it has a low glycemic index so that it is healthier and tastier. The nectar of coconut trees is more beneficial to your body than sugarcane. It can increase your stamina and energy. It is useful to succeed in your diet program. 

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