Three Reasons to Use Coconut Sugar for Baking and Cooking

coconut sugar for baking

Have you ever used coconut sugar for baking and cooking? If you haven’t, you should go try it. Coconut sugar is a new favorite ingredient for baking and cooking enthusiasts. Many people even have purchased bulk coconut sugar so that they will never run out of this magical ingredient. These are the reasons why you should start using coconut sugar in your recipes.

Perfect for Sweet Cakes

Sugar and sweet cakes are a match made in heaven. But coconut sugar will bring your cakes and cookies to the next level.

Coconut sugar has a sweet and heavenly aroma of molasses which will make your cakes and cookies smell 100 times better. Furthermore, the taste is also out of this world. If you often use brown sugar in your recipe, the taste of coconut sugar will not be a stranger. But it also has a hint of maple taste which will make your cakes and cookies taste more unique.

You also must use coconut sugar for baking because this sugar retains moisture well. This is a good ingredient if you want your cakes to be soft and moist. If you use coconut sugar to make cookies, the texture of the cookies will be chewier.

Just remember that coconut sugar has a similar color to brown sugar. So, it will affect the color of your cakes. You can use coconut sugar to replace white refined sugar in a 1:1 ratio.

Good for Savory Dishes

Coconut sugar is not only a good compliment for sweet cakes. Savory dishes also need a touch of sweetness and organic coconut sugar can do that job very well.

You can use coconut sugar to glaze your food. You can use it with bacon, carrots, fish, and also meatloaf. Its beautiful brown color will make your savory dishes looks more appetizing.

A hint of sweetness can really elevate the taste of a dish. The sweet caramelized maple taste of coconut sugar will be different than the regular white sugar you often use.

A Healthier Sweetener

Studies have shown that coconut sugar is healthier than other types of sugar. It contains less fructose that can spike up your blood sugar level. Furthermore, since coconut sugar doesn’t go through a refinement process to bleach or clean the sugar, it still has the good vitamins and minerals from the coconut sap. You don’t have to worry about high blood sugar when you are using coconut sugar for baking.

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