Type of Sugar in Coconut Sugar and How it Affects Your Health

Coconut sugar is getting more popular these days. People use it more often in their foods and beverages because experts said that it is a better choice of sweetener compared to table sugar. Why is it a better choice of sweetener? What is the type of sugar in coconut sugar? Those two questions are only […]

Health Benefits of and the Amount of Sugar in Coconut Flour

Coconut can be processed into various products. One of them is coconut flour or desiccated coconut. People on gluten-free diets often use this flour in baking. Moreover, the sugar in coconut flour is also safe for those who are diabetic. Manufacturers who produce coconut milk commonly also produce coconut flour. After manufacturers ground coconut flesh […]

Why Sugar in Coconut is a Good Substitute for Cane Sugar?

These days, there are more choices of natural sweetener available in the market. One of them is organic coconut sugar. It is made of sugar in coconut sap. Coconut sugar is actually not a new thing in Southeast Asia, but it entered the US market only recently. Organic coconut sugar is light brown granules, which […]

The Process of Turning Sugar in Coconut into Coconut Palm Sugar

Some people are only aware that coconut is a good source of electrolytes and plant-based fat. However, coconut, especially its nectar or sap, is actually an excellent source of sugar. In Asia, there is an industry that turns sugar in coconut into coconut palm sugar. This particular sugar looks almost similar to brown sugar. Both […]

The amount of Sugar in Coconut Sap, the Raw Material of Natural Coconut Sugar

Coconut trees not only produce coconut milk and coconut water, but it also produces coconut sap from the flower bud stem. The amount of sugar in coconut sap is quite high. Consequently, it makes a good source of sugar. In Asia, the sap is processed into coconut sugar. Some experts believe that coconut sugar is […]